BRGM reorganises its divisions

The aim of the reorganisation of BRGM’s scientific roles, which began in 2011, was to prepare the institution’s future so that it might continue offering France the most advanced geological survey possible. This new organisational structure, completed in 2012, is based on 6 divisions: 3 thematic and 3 transversal. 

Séminaire du Comité de Management du BRGM sur la réorganisation des fonctions scientifiques.
Seminar of the BRGM Management Committee on the reorganisation of scientific functions. © BRGM - Patrick Desbordes

In 2011 BRGM undertook a major project to reorganise its divisions. The objective was to achieve greater efficiency by relying on distinct divisions, with clearly identified roles and responsibilities and to ensure synergy between teams and the mutual fertilisation of projects: the new programmes guaranteed the continuity of BRGM's scientific activity. The reorganisation aimed to make the group made up of BRGM and its subsidiaries into a more coherent whole and to reinforce internal supervision by creating an auditing department. The guidelines for this major project were to achieve greater clarity in the institution's roles and objectives, to rationalise the organisational structure and to enable cross-functionality in project management and visibility in the regions. The old rake-shaped structure juxtaposed about ten departments cutting across the different themes. 

The setting-up of 6 operational divisions 

The reorganisation phase ended in 2012, with the creation of 6 operational divisions and a Scientific and Production Division.

The 6 operational divisions are divided into 3 thematic divisions, respectively for georesources; water, environment and eco-technologies; and risks and prevention. The 3 transversal divisions include laboratories, information systems and regional actions.

The major objective of this internal reorganisation was to ensure that the role of the French Geological Survey was carried out by BRGM as a whole. 

Schéma de la nouvelle organisation des fonctions scientifiques en 2012.
Diagram of the new organisation of scientific functions in 2012.
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