BRGM, a great prospector

In the 1970s and the following decade, the prospection strategy was largely focused on base metals, of which the BRGM discovered extensive deposits.

Exploitation d'étain par monitor à Manono (Zaïre, République démocratique du Congo).
Tin monitoring operation in Manono (Zaire, Democratic Republic of Congo). © BRGM

Over the years, BRGM has discovered many deposits around the world, in particular:

  • lead and zinc at Bougrine, Tunisia,
  • copper, lead, zinc and silver at Hajar, Morocco,
  • copper and silver at Dikulushi, Democratic Republic of the Congo,
  • zinc at Grevet, Canada,
  • copper and zinc in Peru and Saudi Arabia,
  • copper at Jabal Sayid,
  • lead, zinc and silver rediscovered by BRGM teams at Jabali, Yemen,
  • copper, zinc and tin at Neves Corvo in Portugal,
  • gold at Yanacocha in Peru,
  • titanium at Akoloninga in Cameroon,
  • the Mabounié carbonatite in Gabon,
  • niobium and phosphate at Kribi, Cameroon
  • iron at Kribi, Cameroon and in the Nimba mountains in Guinea-Liberia.

These explorations have made BRGM one of the most successful mining research organisations in the world.

Une sondeuse Banka pour la recherche d'étain à Kania au Shaba (Katanga, Zaïre, République démocratique du Congo).
A Banka drill for tin research in Kania, Shaba (Katanga, Zaire, Democratic Republic of Congo).
Sondage profond effectué pour la recherche de plomb-zinc à Bougrine (Tunisie).
Deep drilling for lead-zinc in Bougrine (Tunisia).
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